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Warning! There is a bit of blood and gore, but not much! If you don't even want to read the word "blood" or have any implications of it, then this fanfic is not for you! It's not gory enough to put up a Mature Content, so this is your warning!

Otherwise, enjoy!

You start to lose your consciousness as you drop to your knees.

Your hands tremble as you see them tainted with dripping of red blood.

Your eyes widen with insanity, screaming with disbelief, panting out, "! This can't be! No!"

Abrasion is scraped onto your knees as you get up to your feet once again, running aimlessly.

You are running from your own shadow as her wide mouth curls up into a smile, stifling a giggle. You leap and jump forward, panting heavily, knowing that it is simply trivial to run.

"______, _____!" you hear a voice from the distance, calling out your name.

"______!" You are snapped back into reality as you realize you were staring at your now cold tea. Currently, you and Arthur, your best friend, are enjoying a nice cup of tea at his elegant garden.

"Are you alright? You haven't said a word since I poured that cup of tea! Do you not like it?" he asks worriedly.
You have a transient panic, for you did not wish to concern your friend. "N-no! It's completely fine! Sorry for spacing out," you take a quick sip of the green tea.

The British man gives a frown. You can read in his emerald eyes that he is not having the "I'm fine" act.

"You were thinking about last night, weren't you?"

You sigh. You give a slight nod, your eyes set on the scones which are next to the tea.
"I just can't help it...Every night, I get this 'panic attack' and see blood on my hand. The next thing I realize, I'm at your place," nonetheless, you give a cheerful smile and reassures your best friend, "But it's okay! I'm sure I'll get over it sooner or later!"

You know that was a lie.

Ever since the day your boyfriend had passed away, a curse had been bestowed on you. You have a split personality. Your usual cheerful and ordinary self is adulterated with a character that is of iniquity, so much more sinister. The dark side of you thirsted for blood, lust building up as a year flew by. You attempted to restrain that side of you, but it had spectacularly failed, and the only thing you could do is simply stay away from the people you love. The only person that was actually able to handle your insanity was Arthur Kirkland.

The blonde man furrows his thick eyebrows, leaning in to face you properly.
"I know you're not okay with this. Are you sure you don't want to see a psychiatrist?"
It irks you every time Arthur offers you to see a doctor. You have already seen at least twenty doctors, and none of them were competent to cure your "disease." So, all you could do is kindly refuse his offer.

"Hey, I know I'm the one that spaced out first, but I'm here to savor these nice scones Francis made for us! And the tea is delicious! Bottoms up!" you cheered, giving a bright chuckle. This makes the gentleman inevitably smile.

You are currently at the library, picking out books for an asthetic reading. Your curious eyes trail the bookshelves, excitement racing inside your heart as you wonder which book you should read next. You finally resolve to reading To Kill A Mockingbird , in which you try to reach for it, which is located at the highest part of the shelf. You get on your tip toes and stretch your arm out for it, but it was of no use, so you decide to hop to get a bit higher. As you give a small grunt from all the efforts put into acquiring the book, someone had picked it out before you. Your passionate (e/c) eyes droop in disappointment, and you turn around to see who had gotten to the treasure before you.

You recognize it to be the blonde Englishman you know all too well.

"Arthur!" you whisper in surprise.

He grins a sly smile, his slender finger going up to his lips to shush you gently. He gives you the book and is about to leave.

You grab his arm and whisper again, "Wait! You're not going to simply leave your best friend without saying a 'hello!'" He turns his body towards you, you discern that his normally emerald eyes have been replaced with icy blue ones.

"Are you wearing contacts?" you inquire.

The strawberry blonde haired man leans in towards your ear, murmuring, "How about I wait for you here while you check out this book, then we can have a chit-chat at a cafe?"
You accede with the idea and head over to the librarian.

            You order the usual, a green tea with chocolate cake, and your friend does not order any sort of drink but some cupcakes instead. You notice that there is something subtly different about him. Arthur never liked sweets and would always order scones and an Earl Grey.

"So, how have you been lately, poppet?" he speaks way too "jolly"-ly.

You take a sip from the tea and give him a weird look.

"Well, considering the fact that we met a day ago for our lively updates, nothing new has been happening since the past twelve hours," you chuckle.

"Oh, I see...well, my love, you seemed so engrossed with picking out a book, so I had to help you out as a gentleman, aye?" he smirks.

You giggle as he keeps sugarcoating you with "poppet" and "my love." Ah! The eyes! You remember to ask him about the contacts.

"Are you...wearing any sort of contacts? Your eye color is different."

As you asked this question, you begin to discern the smallest things that disparated him and Arthur. He has little freckles that was interspersed on the bridge of his nose to his cheeks, his eyes, as mentioned earlier, are color of icy azure, and his usual beach blonde hair has tinted pink. And also, you notice the fact that his attires are a bit different from Arthur's taste. He is currently wearing a bright blue bowtie with a purplish pink vest worn over a white collard long-sleeved shirt.

However, this man goes along with the idea of being mistaken for  your friend, and so you also go with the flow with abasement as you realize that he is, actually, not Arthur.

"Why, yes...Yes, I am wearing contacts. You were always able to notice all the subleties in me, love!" he exclaims with jolly, giving a wide grin.

"Would you like a cupcake?" he offers, but you decline, for you ordered your own pastry. You offer him some of your cake, but he also refuses.

Both of you finish up your little snacks and depart the cafe. The twin Arthur, as you started to call him, for you were too embarrassed to disclose that you knew he was not him, offers to walk you home, but once again, you kindly decline.

"Haha. No thanks. I think I need some time to myself for some pensive thinking time! Thanks for today, though! I'll see you maybe tonight?"

Twin Arthur gives you the friendliest smile and replies, "As you wish, my princess," he curtly bows, and sees you walk off to the opposite direction from his.

Once you got home, you immediately call your original best friend, and he answers almost instantly.

"Hello? ______? What's up?" he answers.

"Whoa, Artie! It wasn't you that I was at the cafe with, right?"

"Why, no..I was over at Alfred's house, tending to his household. Oh, dear lord. His house was such a mess! I cannot dream to believe he is able to live like this!"

"Yeah, yeah! Sorry, but I have to tell you something! I was at the library today, and there was this guy who looked exactly like you! I thought it was you, but I was too much of a fool to realize he wasn't you, so he played along with me. But what a gentleman he was! I was so embarrassed, and I think he knew! So he let me off the hook!"

"Wait wait met someone that looked identical to me?" you notice he was still trying to digest the things you just said.

"Yeah! Almost a split image, except for some things. He had odd taste in clothes."
"Wait, can you please describe how he looked?" he sounds concerned. You weren't sure why, so you abide to his request and begin to describe twin Arthur.

"Well, he had kind of like a strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes with freckles on his nose. Plus, he wore some odd bowtie with a vest." There is a long pause after you answered him. Too long.

"Um, Artie? You still there?"

"Oh, dear. Oh, dear, oh dear! Please don't tell me his speech patterns include calling you 'poppet' or 'love!'" you reply casually that he did call you those names.

"Oh, good lord! _____, Do not ever get near that man! He may seem friendly at first, but he is a dangerous man. Did you tell him where you live?"

You answered no.

"Thank goodness! If you ever see him again, avoid him at all cost!"

"Wait, Arthur, why? Who is he?"

"..." there was no answer.

"Artie? Artie!!" he suddenly disconnects from you. You start to worry, so you decide to head over to his place.

Once you step out of the house, you see how terribly dark it had gotten. You swallow hard and sweat starts to thicken down your face. Darkness is what consumes you into insanity, and that's when your...

Let's not think about that right now, you thought.

You hurriedly run to the direction where Arthur lives, and you think to yourself of what a relief it is that he does not live too far away. As you make a sprint to his house, you feel something creeping up on your back, almost like a hand crawling up.

No! No, it's happening again!

The split personality transformation is occurring right at this moment.
You run faster and harder as your breathing begins to stricken. You need to get to Arthur before she appears!

That is too much to hope.

The hand that crawled up your back now reaches for your neck, strangling you down, beginning to consume your consciousness. You elbow it back in retaliation, getting up again and running.

"If you go to him now, you'll only hurt him."

You stop almost instantly.

Your shadow is right. Even if you are to make it to his home, you can transform at any moment in front of him, and the first victim of your kill would be your very own best friend. And you are not about to let that happen.

This thought completely cornered you. It's either run to his house to prolong your sanity or succumb to the darkness now and kill anyone that is near you.

You take a step back, and is immediately met with an internal conflict inside of you, one character trying to dominate the other. The first bloody satisfaction is instigated with self infliction. There is a knife inside your pocket, and you involuntarily slide it out, unsheathing it. You can hear the shadow giggling uncontrollably as she takes the knife and readies herself to stab you in the arm.

"No, stop! Stop!" you scream, knowing how futile it is.

The knife pierces through your flesh and blood spills all over the floor. You stifle your scream into a grunt, the uncontrollable pain suffocating you. You struggle for your sanity, kicking and trying to take the knife out of your arm. It was almost as if someone was pinning you down. There is nothing you could do to save yourself. You give in.


The transformation is done. Your eyes widen with amusement and start to laugh hysterically. You take the knife out of your arm, and blood splatters even more.

Who will be the lucky one?

Who shall be honored to have this beautiful knife sunk into their flesh?

You were crazed with excitement as you thought about your future victim.

Their scream. Their frightened eyes. Their voice that pleaded and begged for their lives was just pleasant music to your ears.

You look around to pick which path you should take as you would do when picking out a book in the library. You point your knife at each direction.

As you spin around, you spot a man with strawberry blonde hair and icy eyes lost in his own pensive thoughts.

First victim. Target lock on.

You sprint towards the boy with an insane laughter escaping from your vocal chords. As you are about to press the knife into his stomach, a hand blocks the attack.

The knife sunk into your hand.

"S-Stop...," you plead to yourself as consciousness returns. You feel your head throb with heat building up in your body.

Your once crazed eyes now look tired and scared. You look up to the boy you were about to murder, and realize it is the boy you met at the library and cafe.

But you were too delirious and did not know his name, so you call out his false alias.


He only gives a smirk.

"My, my. You are quite the handful, aren't you, my little poppet."
As he says those words, you can feel the shadow creeping up again. Insanity is consuming you repeatedly.

"No... stay away from me! " you exclaim with fear in your voice. You completely disregard what Arthur had told you about this supposedly "dangerous" boy, and instead fear for his life.

"If you come any closer, I'll kill you! " you step away from him with a knife in your hand.

He disobeys, and comes closer to you.

Why isn't he listening to me?! You thought.

As he comes closer and closer to you, your fear and insanity grow even stronger. You retort to do what you do best: run away.

As you run once again, everything begins to go black. Blacker than the midnight sky.
You drop the knife to the ground, fall on your knees, and lose yourself in the darkness.

The next thing you see is that you are placed on a pink bed with a heavy chain collared up on your neck, arms, and ankles.

Confusion replaces every fear you felt last night, and you start to wonder where you are currently. You find yourself to be placed in a room filled with stuffed animals and an elegant tea set placed on a table. It seems to be recently brewed, for there was still steam escaping from the tea pot. Along with the tea, there are also lavendar cupcakes sitting next to the brew.

You hear the door open, and you see it to be Twin Arthur.

"Well, well, you're up now, love?" his lips curl up into a Cheshire-like grin.

"W-Where am I...?"

"Why, you are at my mansion! You are very welcome for saving you last night, my dear!" he gives you a pout, crossing his arms across his chest.

You are struck with shock and more confusion. Arthur had told you not to go near this man, but ironically, you are in his house! And he even saved you from the very thing you shivered.

Wait. Arthur!

"That git that is supposedly your boy friend is completely healthy. Although, I did play a little rough with him last night, but I got the information I wanted to know. That information being, where you lived." his eyes slant with every sly grin he makes. You cannot believe he nearly read your mind!

"Well then...thank you...thank you so much for saving me...and he's not--"

"Now, now. Do not be thanking me, poppet. You're not leaving this mansion any time soon. You are indeed at my disposal," he nearly smiles such a disgusting and disturbing smirk it gives you the shivers. However, you ignore it, and try to inquire him as to why he has incarcerated you.

"Why, kidnapping happens to be my favorite hobby! And I would be very entertained to watch how your little boy friend reacts to the fact that you will be chained up here with me."

The disturbing boy takes his slender finger and pulls a chair out for him to sit in. He crosses his legs in a comfortable position and shoots his icy glare at you.

"Allow me to introduce myself, my love. My name is Oliver Kirkland, and you will be my personal lover for as long as I wish."

It is almost as if you were struck by lightning. You are completely baffled. So, you meet this insane guy at the cafe, almost have him killed, and now he imprisoned you to be is lover?! That is just outrageous!

"Um, my name is _________ __________, and I don't like to be caged up," he laughs at your remark.

"Well, you're going to have to like it, whether you are pleased or not."
Ah, this is my very first reader insert Hetalia fan fiction! I hope you enjoy!

And I apologize for how extraneously long it is, and I'm sorry for not putting in much action between Oliver, Artie, and you DX

It's still a bit early for the smexy part now, aye?

I do not own 2p!England and Arthur Kirkland. Arthur Kirkland belongs to Himaruya, the original creator and 2p!England belongs to both the fans and the creator.

However, I do own half of you, reader!!

I do not own the image! I Googled it, so all rights reserved to the artist that drew this wonderful picture.

Part 1~~>You are here!

Part 2==>[link]

Part 3~~>[link]
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